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Need help Selling Stuff?

This is what we do.  We would love to help you with selling your iitems.  

We have auctions that we will come get your items, or you bring them to us and we will put them in an auction with other peoples items.  

We can do an entire auction or tag sale of your estate or home downsizing,  at your location. 

I will be happy to come and see what you have and what your options are free of charge!  

All About Me

My name is Tony Dilmore and I am from Polkville, Mississippi! 

I was retired and needed something to keep me busy.  I started helping a friend clean out and organize her mothers items to sell.  Well what a chore!  But I loved it.  So I went to auction school at Continental Auction School and became and auctioneer.  

We found that it was difficult to get an  some auction companies  to respond to phone calls or emails! It was very frustrating.   I want to help you get a fair price for your items and also make it not so stressful.  I have a number of different ways to do that. 

We also will list on eBay for you.  Sometimes items are better sold there.  

I look forward to meeting you and helping you get you items sold ! 


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